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COVID-19 Test At Home: Do Corona Virus Test at Home; Take care of these things during the test



COVID-19 Test At Home: Do Corona Virus Test at Home; Take care of these things during the test

This is how to do corona test at home (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

COVID-19 Test At Home: In this era of Corona Crisis, many people shy away from conducting their Corona Test due to fear, because they are very scared to see the methods of Corona Test, but now the new Corona Test Kit (Corona) Test Kit has arrived, due to which this fear of people can be reduced to a great extent. Actually, My Lab in Pune, Maharashtra has made Corona test kit Coviself at home, so that you can do corona test sitting in just 2 minutes and you can get results in 15 minutes. According to ICMR, if antigen test positive comes at home, then you do not need to have RT-PCR test.

ICMR has issued an advisory regarding corona test, saying that corona test kit can be taken from any medical store or pharmacist shop, but it should be used only by those who have or are showing symptoms related to corona. Have come in contact with a corona positive person. Let us know how you can do corona test at home and what should be taken care of during this time. Also read: COVID-19 Home Testing Kit: Who and how to use Corona’s home test kit ‘Coviself’, watch video

Do this corona test at home

  • First of all, clean your hands thoroughly with soap or sanitizer.
  • Place the corona test kit on a good clean table or platform.
  • Now open your corona test kit before the test.
  • Now first of all, remove the manual and if you have not downloaded the Coviself App, then first download this app.
  • After this, open the buffer tube and tap it three times, then open its cap.
  • Now open the nasal swab from the bottom, take it to the nose of the person doing the kovid test and rotate it 5 times by inserting about 3-4 centimeters in both the holes of his nose. Do this process the same way we clean the ear from the earbuds.
  • After this, pour the sample taken in the nasal swab into the buffer tube, then rotate it with your hand 10 times.
  • Now break it from the breaking point made on the nasal swab and put it in the biohazard bag. Then leave half of the buffer in the tube and close it with a cap.
  • After all these procedures, it is the turn of the test card, now pour two drops of sample from the buffer tube onto the test card.
  • Now a C-line will appear on the test card in a few minutes, so that it will be known whether you have done the test correctly or whether your test is valid or not.
  • If after a while the T-line also appears, then understand that you are corona positive. If this line is not visible then you are negative.
  • Now take a photo of this test card and upload it on the Coviself App, after which you will get the report of the test on the app itself. Also Read: COVID Home Testing Kit: By the end of next week, Corona’s home test kit will be available in India.

Significantly, by following this procedure or taking care of these things, you can easily do corona test at home. Dispose of all the materials used after the test by putting them in biohazard bags, so that the risk of infection can be removed. Dispose of it even if your report comes negative.

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