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Sleeping position 2021: Why is it forbidden to sleep with feet in the south? Know what science and spirituality say?



Sleeping position 2021: Why is it forbidden to sleep with feet in the south?  Know what science and spirituality say?

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Getting enough sleep is considered essential for any person from the point of view of health. Not only humans, animals, birds and plants also remain healthy by taking regular sleep. However, everyone has their own way of sleeping. As far as the human world is concerned, both spirituality and science confirm that sleeping in the wrong position and direction is not only injurious to health but also prohibited. Various things are prevalent in this context. But the most discussed is that one should not sleep with feet towards the south. Here we will talk about both the spiritual and scientific aspects of the south direction.

Spiritual Facts:

According to Padma Purana and Srishti Purana, sleeping with feet towards the south reduces the age, it is believed that in the south direction Yamaloka (direction of Yama) and Patal Lok (hell region) meet. Because of this, sleeping with feet in the south direction attracts a particular person towards Raja and Tama waves. Due to these waves, energy flows from the person’s body in an upward direction. It is said to be a sign of attainment of God. That is why the feet of the dead body of a person are kept in the south direction and the head towards the north. Sleeping with feet towards the south leads to the union of the waves of Yamalok and Hades, as a result, the person attracts only negative energies. Therefore, we do not get enough and deep sleep, nightmares occur, sleep is broken due to panic and fear, so one should not sleep with feet towards the south.

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scientific fact:

According to scientists, there is a magnetic flux on both the north and south poles of the earth. There is a positive current at the North Pole and a negative current at the South Pole. Similarly, there is a positive flow in the head of the human body and negative in the feet. Our science tells us that when two positive currents and two negative currents meet, they go opposite to each other, so if you sleep with your feet towards the south then this state can prove to be harmful for your health. .

On the contrary, sleeping with the head towards the south is considered a scientific process, which keeps the person away from many diseases. In fact, the solar world is centered at the poles. Due to the attraction of the two poles, a progressive electric current from south to north enters the person’s head and leaves through the feet. By doing this the food gets digested easily. On waking up early in the morning, the brain remains healthy due to pure electrical atoms. That is why it is forbidden to sleep with your feet towards the south while sleeping.

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Do not sleep with your feet towards South-East and South-West.

One should also avoid sleeping with the head towards the south-east or south-west direction. Since the waves flowing in the east-west directions have an upward direction, due to this the inclination of the sattvikta absorbed through these waves is more towards the nirguna. (physically) and longer lasting than assimilation from the south-east or south-west directions. Whereas the level of Panchatattva in waves moving in east-west directions is better than in south-east or south-west directions, the benefits a person gets from sleeping are long-term, that is why in Vastu Shastra, in east-west direction Sleeping is recommended.

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